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Birth matters

This week is “Birth Trauma Awareness Week” so I have been reading many stories of other women and reflecting on my own and felt to write about birth and it’s impacts in terms of energy, to raise awareness but also hope as there is always opportunities for growth, understanding and change.

Everyone carries birth energy imprints that make us who we are and which can impact us in a variety of ways. Just reading this article will bring up your own personal birth energy and or the birth energy from birthing a child if you are a parent; whichever it is that your energy is ready to clear.

Much of the work I do with clients is to do with beliefs. Contrary to what many people think, beliefs are held within our energy, like imprints that are held all throughout our body, many of them sitting within our unconscious. These imprints contain your personalised programming and scripts that influence how you behave, what you think and what you believe about yourself and the world around you. Imprints in our energy happen during various life experiences with the most influential of those being before the age of 8 but the earlier the experience, the more influential. After these early life experiences, these imprints are then reinforced (hardwired) throughout your life.

Birth (and also conception and gestation) is a time when many beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed as it is our first experience of the world and our first experience of love and relationships. In Western culture, birth is also usually a time of pain and struggle and though there are massive shifts happening to support women in birth, I am still reading so many experiences that are traumatic. Birth is so important in our healing and growth that it is often one of the first areas I will explore with a client. For example, thoughts like “I’m stuck” or “I feel like I’m going in the wrong direction” can be traced to being stuck in birth or being breach (both of these were my personal experience). Feeling disempowered, disconnected or “I don’t want to put anyone out or be an inconvenience” may also be traced back to birth. Issues around trust or fearing abandonment may be due to an early separation, perhaps being adopted or being left to cry for long periods of time. The energy imprints of birth are significant and they can stay with us for life. They can impact on our self esteem and our relationship with ourselves but also our relationships with others. I know first hand how birth trauma can effect every area of your life and especially relationships with yourself and others, your parenting but I also know that this can be cleared.

My own personal story was being a breach baby and therefore being told that I was going the wrong way. I also got stuck during the birth. These imprints have presented themselves in many different ways like having difficulties with directions, second guessing myself all the time, feeling like I am not doing things right, that I’m “wrong”. From being stuck, I often had feelings of “I can’t get out” and I believe it was a big part of my anxiety and chronic motion sickness that I had my whole life where when in situations where I couldn’t get out (like airplanes or trains), I would experience sweating and would most often vomit. Birth clearing has changed this dramatically. My daughter’s birth also had big impacts on our relationship, my confidence as a parent and my ability to discipline. I also believe these impacted on her behaviour (especially school refusal) and her sleeping (or lack of) early in life. You can read more about our story here. I am pleased to report that since performing a birth clearing on myself and Ella, these issues have changed and I am now confident in my parenting, I trust my own decisions and Ella respects and listens to me and my leadership. We have not had problems with school refusal since.

Depending on your birth, these early experiences can present themselves in a variety of different ways in life and can be cleared very quickly (in one session) though as the energy has been running your entire life (if it is your energy) and has therefore been reinforced and hardwired many times with other life experiences, your energy may revert back to this pattern. So I like to offer it in a package of three so that we can really understand how the energy is turning up for you and also have time to teach you about your energy and help you to recognise when your energy is reverting back to the old so that you can use some strategies and techniques to bring your energy back.

To clear the energy of your own birth, having some information about your experience can be helpful for you. Often the stories of your birth may have been told over and over during your life, so it is something that has been carried and alive in your life; however it is not essential to know your birth story as your energy will be telling you through the symptoms you are experiencing in your life, your thoughts, your behaviours and any patterns that you are noticing you want to change. I can help you read your energy to understand your story and perform the clearing with whatever you bring to the session as that’s what your energy will be ready for.

You can perform this birth clearing on yourself or on your children, with or without your children present but please take note that with performing a clearing on another person, some things are part of a person’s life lesson and their soul may hold on to that until they have learnt what they need to. If this feels right for you, click here to book a birth clearing.

(First photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash).